How to change margins in Word

change margins in Word

This guide will explain to you how to set and change margins in Word. You will learn how to set and change page margins using the browser version of the software Microsoft Word, the online version, and the mobile version.

Table of Contents

Set or change page margins in Word

To set page margins in Word:

  1. Open the document you want to edit.
  2. Click Layout, on the toolbar, and select Margins.

At this point, you can: select one of the preset margins in the menu that appears (normal, narrow, moderate or wide) or create custom margins.

If you choose one of the preset margins, the changes will be applied immediately.

Alternatively, you can set your margins:

  1. Click Layout, then select Margins and finally click on Custom Margins.
  2. In the window that opens, enter the margins you want to assign to your document (Top, Bottom, Left and Right). Then click OK.

If you want to bind the documents you’re creating in Word, you can add a gutter margin to the side or top edge of the page.

To create a binding margin:

  1. Select Margins and then Custom Margins.
  2. Enter the width for the gutter margin in the Gutter box.
  3. Click OK.

Set Custom Margins as the default margins 

If you want, you can set the custom margins as the default margins for all new Word documents.

  1. Click Layout and then select Margins.
  2. Then click Custom Margins to set the margins you want.
  3. Now, in the Document box, click Default (bottom left) and then Yes to confirm the changes.

From now on, all the new documents you’ll create in Word will use the custom margins you’ve just set up.

If you change your mind, and you want to restore the default margins of Word, you just have to click on Margins and select Normal from the menu that appears. Next, click Custom Margins, select Default and finally Yes.

Set the margins for facing pages

If you want to print double-sided your document, you can set mirror margins so that the margins of the left pages are mirrored of the margins of the right pages.
To set up mirror margins:

  1. Click Layout and select Margins.
  2. Choose Mirrored from the menu that appears.

Change margins in Word Online

An alternative to change the margins of your Word document is through the free online version of the software. To use it, you just need a free Microsoft account.

To use Word Online:

  1. From your browser, go to the homepage of World Online and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  2. Open the Word document you want to edit.
  3. Click on Layout. Then select Margins and choose one of the available options: normal, narrow, moderate, wide or Office 2003 default. Even in the online version, you can set up custom margins. Just click on Custom Margins and enter the new margins. Then click OK.

All changes are saved directly online on the current copy of the file (in OneDrive).

If you need, you can export your Word document by clicking on File, located at the top left.  Select Save As and then choose one of the available export options: Save As to save the file on OneDrive, Download a copy to download the document to your computer, Download as PDF to download the document in PDF format or Download as ODT to download the document in ODT file.

Set margins in Word in smartphones and tablets

Microsoft Word is also available as an application for smartphones and tablets, for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.  It’s a free app for all devices with a display of 10.1. For the devices larger than 10.1″ you need a subscription to Office 365.

To set up the margins of a Word document using your mobile device:

  1. Start the Word app from your smartphone and open the document you want to edit.
  2. Tap on (…) on the bottom right. Expand the Home menu and select Layout.
  3. Then click Margins and select one of the default margins: normal, narrow, moderate, wide or mirror.

Unfortunately, you can not set a custom margin.

When you’ve finished, tap the back arrow. The changes will be automatically saved.