How to filter incoming calls

filter incoming calls

Are you tired of unwanted calls? In this guide, I will explain in detail how to filter incoming calls, both on the iPhone and on Android. I will show you both the built-in functions and third-party applications.

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How to filter incoming calls on Android

If you are an Android user, you should have a specific function on your phone to block spam phone calls.

The procedure to follow is different depending on the brand and model of the smartphone, but, generally, you have to enable the spam call filtering and set which numbers to block. To do it:

  1. Take your Android mobile and open the Phone app.
  2. Then, tap the three dots (on the top right or top left), or click next to the home button, on the left.
  3. From the menu that opens, select Call Settings (or something similar).
  4. Now, choose Call rejection and then Auto reject mode.
  5. A new screen will appear and you have to choose the Auto reject numbers option to enable the spam call filtering.
  6. Now, go back and select Auto reject list instead of Auto reject mode, to set which numbers to block.
  7. In the new screen, you can choose to block all the unknown calls (put the check mark next to unknown) or create a list of numbers to block (tap on Create). If you choose Unknown, when you receive an incoming call from an unknown number, Android will block it automatically.


How to filter incoming calls on the iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you can filter incoming calls through the Do Not Disturb function.

It allows you to filter and block all incoming calls, text messages and conversations on FaceTime.

To use Do Not Disturb, follow the steps below:

  1. Take your iPhone and open the Settings app, by tapping on its icon located on the Home screen.
  2. Select the Do not disturb option and turn it on. By default, this function switches off all incoming phone calls. It means that you need to set a filter to avoid not receiving calls anymore.
  3. Now you have to set the rule related to the filtering of calls. So, tap on the item Allow calls from and select the All Contacts option. In this way, the filter will not block the calls from your contacts.

In addition, you can choose whether to enable this feature all the time, by tapping the Always option or only to enable it when the iPhone is locked, by tapping the option While the iPhone is locked.

You can even schedule the Do not disturb mode. You just have to move the switch located next to Scheduled and set the From/To hours.


Apps for filtering incoming calls

Another alternative is to use a spam call app.

The best app to stop spam calls is Truecaller, available both for Android and iOS. This app is free and allows you to view the caller ID so that you know who’s calling you even if it’s an unknown number.

Another app you can use to stop spam calls is Calls Blacklist for Android. It allows you to block the numbers added in your blacklist, as well as filter incoming calls. It is free but, by purchasing the Pro version, it is possible to remove advertising banners.