How to freeze rows or columns in google sheets

freeze a row in google sheets

If you need to use a spreadsheet with a number of rows or columns, it maybe useful to lock the cells to see them when you scroll the sheet. And in this guide, I’ll explain, step by step, how to freeze rows and columns in Google Sheets, the free online spreadsheet of Google.

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Freeze rows and columns on computer

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet and the procedure to freeze (or unfreeze) rows and columns is the same, either you are a Windows user or a MacOS user.

To freeze rows or columns:

  1. Turn your computer on and from your browser (Chrome, Safari…) go to the URL to connect to Google Drive, the free online storage service of Google. Now, if you have not yet logged into your Google account, then a screen will open and you’ll have to enter your login credentials (username and password).
  2. From Google Drive, open the spreadsheet that contains the rows or the columns you want to freeze. Otherwise, you can also open a new spreadsheet by clicking on My Drive at the top and the selecting Google Sheets.
  3. Now, select the row (by clicking on its number) or column (by clicking on its letter) you want to freeze.
  4. Then, at the top, on the toolbar, choose View and then Freeze.
  5. From the menu that opens, select how many rows or columns to freeze: up to current row, 1 row or 2 rows.

If you change your mind you can unfreeze the blocked rows/columns. Just select the rows or columns and click View, located on the toolbar at the top. Then select freeze and finally No rows or No columns.


Freeze rows and columns on Smartphone

If you want to use Google Sheets on your smartphone, you have to know that it’s available even as app for Android and iOS devices.

To use it, you just need to download and install the app on your mobile device. The Google Sheets app is available for free on the Play Store for Android devices and on the Apple Store for iOS devices.

Once you’ve installed the app on you smartphone:

If you are an Android user:

  1. Open Google Sheets app by tapping on its icon located on the home screen of your device.
  2. Then, in the Google Sheets app, open the spreadsheet that contains the row(s) or column(s) you want to freeze.
  3. When the spreadsheet is open, touch and hold a row or column.
  4. In the menu that appears, tap Freeze.


If you are an iOS user:

  1. Open Google Sheets on your iPhone / iPad.
  2. Then, from Google Sheets app, open the spreadsheet that contains the row or the column to freeze. Or, open a new spreadsheet by tapping the big ‘+’ icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen, and then choose New spreadsheet.
  3. Tap the number of the row or the letter of the column you want to freeze.
  4. In the menu that appears, tap the right arrow and choose Freeze.

If you want to unfreeze a row or a column, redo the same procedure and choose Unfreeze instead of Freeze.