How to turn off the iPhone auto brightness

turn off the iPhone auto brightness

In this tutorial, I’ll explain to you how to turn off the iPhone auto brightness. Specifically, I will show you how to disable the automatic display adjustment and how to manually adjust the brightness of your iPhone screen.

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iPhone auto brightness: what it is

On the iPhone, the auto brightness function is on by default and is used to automatically adjust the brightness of the smartphone screen based on the surrounding light conditions.
When this feature is on, your iPhone’s display will automatically be less bright in dark locations. And it will be brighter in light locations.

Moreover, the auto brightness feature has effects on the iPhone battery, increasing its life.


Turn off iPhone auto brightness

If, despite the auto brightness advantages, you want to desable it, follow the steps below:

  1. Take your iPhone and click on Setting, the gear icon on the home screen.
  2. In the new screen, choose the General option and then tap Accessibility.
  3. Now, select Display Accomodation.
  4. In the new screen that opens, next to Auto-Brightness, move the lever from ON to OFF. In this way the auto brightness will be disabled.

If you have an older iPhone, to turn off the automatic brightness of the display, access the iOS Settings (by tapping on the gear wheel icon), choose the item Display and brightness and move the lever next to the item Automatic brightness from ON to OFF.


Adjust the iPhone brightness manually

After disabling the iPhone auto brightness, you need to know that you can manually adjust the brightness on your phone. You can do it through the Control Center or through the Settongs.

Adjust brightness in Control Center

To adjust the brightness through the Control Center:

  1. First of all, go to the Control Center on your phone. To do it, if you’re using an iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen. If you’re using an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top-right corner of your display.
  2. Now, to adjust the brightness, drag the brightness bar up or down (the one with the sun icon).


Adjust brightness in Settings

  1. Take your phone and go to Settings by tapping on its icon (the gear icon).
  2. Then choose Display & Brightness.
  3. In the new screen, drag the slider to the right or left to adjust the brightness.


True Tone and Night Shift

If you want to customize the colors and the intensity of your iPhone screen, you can use the True Tone and the Night Shift.

The True Tone technology (available on iPhone 8 and later), automatically adjusts the color and intensity of the display to match the ambient light, so that images appear more natural.

The Night Shift mode (available on iPhone 5S and later) instead, automatically adjusts the colors of your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, making the display easier on your eyes. By default, it is active after dark. But you can also schedule it, setting the time you prefer.

Turn off True Tone and Night Shift

If you want to turn off True Tone and Night Shift modes:

  1. Take your device and from the home screen, go to Settings by tapping on the gear icon
  2. Then click on Display & Brightness.
  3. In the new screen, move the lever next to True Tone, from ON to OFF to disable the auto adjustment of the color of the iPhone display.
  4. In the same screen, click on Night Shift and move the lever next to Scheduled from ON to OFF to disable the auto adjustament of the display color spectrum when is dark.