What is a PDF file?

PDF file

The PDF file is the acronym of Portable Document Format, a file format developed by Adobe Systems in 1993.

A PDF is a universal file format. It’s independent of the software and the operating system that created it. Therefore a PDF can be displayed on any type of device. Moreover, the document that will be opened will always have the same layout.

For this reason, products such as brochures, flyers and other printable online documents are almost always created in PDF format.

A PDF file can contain many elements such as text, images, videos, links, interactive elements and much more.

Create a PDF file

If you want to create a PDF file you need to use a PDF creator. The most used is Adobe Acrobat, the official Adobe System software. But you can also use other PDF creators such as PDFelement, PDFescape or LibreOffice. Some of these tools are paid, while others can be used for free, either by downloading the software on the computer or online.

You can create a PDF file from almost any type of extension. You can convert a Word, Excel, HLM, jpg, and many others to PDF.

Open a PDF file

To open a PDF you need a PDF reader. The most famous is Adobe Acrobat Reader, the free reader developed by Adobe. Adobe Acrobat Reader is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. It can also be used on mobile devices to open PDF documents from smartphones and tablets.

If you don’t like Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can focus on other programs such as PDFelement, compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Almost all browsers, such as Chrome, have an internal function that allows you to view PDF files directly online. So you don’t need to download and install anything on your computer.

If you have a Mac, iPhone or iPad, you are lucky. In fact, Apple devices include the Preview app that allows the opening and viewing of documents in PDF format.

Edit a PDF file

If you need to edit a PDF file, you need an Editor. You can use Adobe Acrobat or other editors like Microsoft Word, PDFescape, and LibreOffice.

A quick and easy way to edit a PDF is through a free online editor. You can add text, highlight the text, add comments, insert the signature, images, merge multiple PDFs into one, extract pages, and much more. Simply log in to the online service, upload the file and start editing.

But the best way to change the PDF content is to convert the file to another more manageable and editable format. You can convert a PDF to Word, Excel, PPTX, JPG, GIF, and many other formats.

Furthermore, there are tools you can use both to convert a PDF to another format and vice versa, such as Caliber.

Protect a PDF

You can password protect Word, Excel, Zip documents … and you can do the same thing with a PDF. You can add a password to prevent someone else from changing your document without your permission.